You Might Need Legal Help When You’re Fired


Getting fired from a job is never easy. You come to work everyday, try your hardest, and always strive to achieve more and help out your employer to the best of your ability. But, still, you might end up being told that your help is no longer needed.


That’s hard enough as it is. But getting fired is even worse if you suspect that your rights were violated by your place of business.


The truth is that there are things a business can and can’t do when it comes to firing someone or forcing them to resign. There are in fact very strict laws regarding terminating employees.


Every company should be following these laws but if they are not then an employment attorney needs to get involved. Los Angeles employment attorneys have studied the law and know exactly what a business can and can’t do when it comes to terminating employees.



Have You Been Fired?


If you have just lost your job then you need to ask yourself a few things regarding how you were laid off.


Were you fired for taking a medical leave of absence? Did you get laid off for missing just one day of work? Were you fired for not doing a physical task? Maybe you were told that you were no longer needed because you lied on your job application.


There are many reasons why an employer might lay you off but only some of them are legal and above the board. But only a trained, professional employment attorney will know the rules about these laws and what constitutes a legal or illegal firing.



What Is Wrongful Termination?


“Wrongful termination” is a term that gets tossed around a lot but there are only a few instances when a business has broken the rules when it comes to firing someone. The truth is that many states in America are “at-will” which means that they can terminate an employee quite easily.


This makes an employment attorney all the more important because they can definitively say when a company has done something right or wrong. Sometimes what seems legal is not and sometimes what seems illegal is completely appropriate.


It takes a true professional to know the difference. In other words, it takes a qualified employment attorney.



You Have The Right To Ask Questions


There is a chance that your employer didn’t do anything wrong when they laid you off. That might be a hard truth that you have to accept.


However, there is a chance that things weren’t handled correctly. If that is the case, you really do need an employment attorney to handle your and fight on your behalf. You have worked so hard for your job, you are owed fair treatment.