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Writing a case study assignment for the university

A case study requires you to examine a specific situation and discuss how its distinct elements relate to theory. Depending upon your assignment, you are asked to create solutions to problems or recommendations for future actions. There are different approaches to a case study, hence, always check the instruction you have been given. There are different types of case studies but there are two primary types that are descriptive and problem-solving. If your case study is in a form of a report, you can distribute it into eight sections:

  1. Executive summary: You need to introduce your topic to the reader and outline the purpose of writing this case study. Outline the key problems and finding without any specific explanation.
  2. Introduction: Briefly explain your case to identify its importance. State the aim of this document. Your introduction should always make clear to the reader what you are going to discuss.
  3. Findings: Provide the core issues under analysis and provide the reasons for your choices like supporting your findings with facts mentioned in the case. Analyze and justify your methodology and analytical tool.
  4. Discussion: Summarize the core problems and identify alternative solutions to these problems. Illustrate each alternative solution where necessary.
  5. Conclusion: Highlight the key points from the finding and discussions. Restate the purpose and limitation of the report if necessary.
  6. Recommendations: Provide the best alternative solution that should be adopted. Justify your choice by describing how it will solve the major issues.
  7. References: Make a list of the references stated in the report in an alphabetically arranged order.
  8. Appendices: Attach any data that relates to your analysis if you have.

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