Surefire Strategies To Combat Pests In Schools

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Children playing and learning. That is what most of us think of when we think of schools. Protecting our schools is critical—and this goes for any threat. Pests are common just about everywhere you go, schools included. But how can a school guard against an all-out infestation, keeping their staff and students safe? With so many concerns, pest control doesn’t need to be one of them when you hire a pest control company. Below we detail what you can expect when hiring a pro to keep a careful eye on pests and supply you with a full-proof strategy to protect against an infestation.


Proper Landscaping


Landscaping can also play a role in preventing pests in schools. Overgrown vegetation and standing water can attract pests such as rodents and mosquitoes. This makes playground time not as fun as it should be for the kids. With proper drainage and attention to detail on the landscape, often pest problems can be controlled, or at least in the cases of mosquitoes, minimized.


Regular Pest Control Treatments


Implementing regular pest control treatments can help prevent pest infestations. By using safe and effective methods of pest control, businesses can eliminate potential pest problems before they become a more significant issue. Additionally, working with a professional pest control company can help businesses identify potential pest problems and develop a plan for prevention.




It is likely you already work with a janitorial staff to keep areas clean. Step up your cleaning game to ensure lunchrooms have covered trash receptacles and that everyone is doing their part to put trash where it belongs.  Sanitation also means disinfecting surfaces. Make sure you hit every nook and cranny to ensure that pests don't find your school more accommodating than it should.


In Closing


As discussed throughout the article, it is important to maintain a clean environment inside and out for your school. Maintaining landscaping, having regular pest control treatments with a professional, and keeping sanitation at its best will often be enough to combat any pest problem your property could face. However, if you do notice an infestation, such as ants or rodents, on the property, make sure to call your local company for pest control solutions in las vegas right away. This will ensure that the problem is resolved swiftly and no one is hurt. Remember, rodents carry many diseases and can be quite a health concern for people of all ages.